Swami Dhyan Alok

At the age of 8 years, with his own inclination Swamiji got initiated into Sanyaas.

He entered into long deep silence, solitude & challenge of the unknown. He experienced the mystical explosion in the inner domain, the sudden flow of light & timeless-boundless energy.He felt within himselfa new state of ecstasy and awakening.He also had the fortune of staying for five years in the Himalayas amidst a lot of monks & sanyaasis.As he came back, started meditation camps. Then he founded an institute and named it- Genius Temple. And for the last 23 years,this institute has the distinction of providing students with drastic and radical transformation of behaviour, attitude & lifestyle. Swami ji shares his experience, love& knowledge with those who are eager to listen with aspiring people to discover inner intelligence, He has been channelizing spiritual revolution for the last 23 years…! (Subscribe the channel Rupantaran on youtube for meditation & inspirational videos)


Meditation helps the practitioner to be vital, contented, compassionate and in building understanding

Meditation is one of the oldest concept of India. Removing the common misconception that meditation should mean that you have to concentrate on a particular thing for a long time and in this way you have to give stress to your mind. We at Genius Temple provide techniques which make practising meditation more practical & enjoyable, The students get to learn a few knacks through which we can turn our potential in performance it reveals the ultimate possibility of our hidden talents and energy. It makes the person vital, contented, compassionate and understanding


In the WORKSHOP, the orientation is towards active rather than passive meditation..

This is a relatively uncommon approach; Swami Dhyan Alok is pioneering the field of cross-cultural interactive meditation because he perceives it as more relevant to Indian mentality/Corporate Mentality. Instead of individuals meditating alone, the Social Meditations enable individuals to be highly active and interactive with other people thereby- greatly magnifying the benefits. Most importantly, these WORKSHOPS does not regard meditation as an occasional break from the routine of life or as an esoteric mystery somehow separate from ordinary life. Rather, it is ideally a quality which can be brought to every living moment. In other words, a person does not live life in order to have an hour of meditation – he meditates all the time in order to live life!

Meditation Techniques

The Secrets of Hidden Talents (Scientific Meditation Technique)
The Mystery of the Sub-conscious (Sub-Conscious Feeding Technique)
A superb Mind Programming (Auto Hypnosis Technique)
The Ultimate knack of Concentration (Divine – Yoga Technique)
Removal of Negative Aspects (Cleansing Method)
Enhancing Sharp Memory (Tibetan Meditation)
Balancing Method (Synchronization Technique)


Playful Awareness (Gurdjieff's Technique)
Enhancing with Relaxation (Mystica – Buddha's Technique)
Sensations & Emotions (Sublimation Technique)
Loving Concentration (Modern – Coordination Technique)
Hidden Power of intuition for efficient study (Third Eye Visualization)
Healing of inner wounds (Psycho Drama Therapy)
The opening of Heart (Sufi – dance with awareness)


Receptivity and Grasping (Cosmic Sound & Power Technique)
Fearlessness & Determination (Hara – Centring Technique)
Opening to the inner child (Life Force Energy)
Awareness Intensive (Who is inside?)
Bio-Cosmic Energy (Pyramidology a subtle energy)
Inner Harmony (Co-ordination Technique)
Telepathy (Synchronization of Energy)

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