Life Management Program


A very extraordinary and distinctive course of only 6 days to impart all round knowledge and clarity of concepts.Starting with health training, positive attitude building & objective setting. This enables our life journey to include creativity, team building & art of sharing.The participants are trained to learn functional activation of right and left brain, development of all 9 intelligence, stress management, and skills for lasting intimate relationships And finally, the activation of seven chakras including willpower and surrender through scientific Meditation techniques.

Work on Body

Start to see what we have in our "Miraculous BODY" Real seven wonders of world.

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Work on Mind

We come to know about the most important aspect of our life that is BRAIN. How does our brain work.

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Work On Emotions

Here in LM we understand : Jealousy, Ego, Doubt, Possession and Fears Pleasures and Problems of Life.

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Practicality of Life

A very special session for MONEY MANAGEMENT.And we learn deep Meditation Technique to know the Cosmic Energy.

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Stress & Meditation

Sublimation of Anger, Anxiety and Lust.How to be joyful without any reason

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Multiple intelligence

Creativity Enhancing Exercises,Inter-Personal& Intra-Personal Relationship.

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Social Awareness

Fundamental Rights (RTI, RTE),LPG, Petrol. Extended Bills,Social Responsibility

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Global Awareness

AIDS, Global Warming, Meritocracy, Learning attitude Paritrapti: How can we help Society

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Zorba the Buddha

The world of Magnificent entrepreneurs.The world of Mystical Enlightened beings

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Answering Life

Answers to all misunderstanding – Ambition, Being special, Inferiority, Love affairs and superstitions. Personal Counseling Sessions

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